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We are an innovative company which has been in business for over 10 years: we born as a Xerox concessionaire in 2010, of which we are Gold Partner and the only concessionaire authorized to develop Apps on the machines.

In the years we grew and felt the need of finding solutions for the new needs imposed by the the affirming of the hybrid work, and so we have extended our variety of services and offered solutions, thanks above all to the skills of our dynamic development team, wich is skilled into developing software and creating hardware for it, with the goal of giving to the customers a complete and 360 degrees managed by our company solution. We work on software and digital strategies with seriousness and passion through the activity of a team close-knit able to analyze problems, study the feasibility, develop and subsequently validate the project.

The flexibility and speed of response are the DNA of our software house wich is based in Crema and Milan.

The team, composed of 30 people, is going to guide you with enthusiasm and professionality in building step after step innovative digital projects.

Over time we gave birth to various innovative, completely customizable and integrable softwares, such as the platform ET-SmartDesk, wich allows booking company facilities which the company offers to their employees; in a perspective of costant evolution we have developed a series of totems, like E-tot3m Smart Reception, which allows to speed up employees and guests access, or even our totem HR Bluto, wich offers a support to who doesn't have a workstation in the company. Another our workhorse are the smart locker solutions, that act both as personal tool and mailroom.

What are our values?

Dynamicity, enthusiasm, flexibility and speed, combined with the propensity to listen and change, this allowed to distinguish us on the market and to answer more efficienctly to the needs of the companies which look for an innovative partner.

Have a project in mind?

Contact us, as Creating is shaping one's destiny.

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