ET-Smart Desk

COVID-19 has defined new rules: social distancing, regulated access, smart working and co-working. The desk is no longer an exclusive item, it has become a bookable item. ETIQUBE DEVELOPED THE SOLUTION TO MANAGE WORKING SPACES. The booking system is based on specific parametric permissions.

Book a desk and control the accesses

ET-SMART DESK allows employees to:

  • Book a desk from a web portal
  • Check the bookings calendar
  • Check-in to the company building

ET-SMART DESK allows admins to:

  • Manage workspaces
  • Check updates on bookings in real time
  • Get saturation reports and other statistics

Manage the shared space

ET-SMARTDESK allows you not only to manage the desk bookings, but also to manage the access to all the company spaces that are shared between the employees, such as:

  • meeting rooms
  • parkings
  • cafeteria
  • smartlockers
  • bus shuttles

The items can be booked on the app directly from laptop, tablet or smartphone.

ET-SmartDesk Green

EtiQube, in a always more sustainable view, has decided to plant some trees in different world's countries and so build its own 'company forest', in order to make up for the CO2 emissions relative to the solution ET-SmartDesk, reducing its environmental impact and at the same time contributing to the reforestation.


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Application screens

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